Top 5 Desktop And Mobile Apps For Increasing Your Productivity

These days, the economic landscape is getting tougher and tougher. This is the reason why companies are all for hiring efficient and productive people so they can be leaner and stay competitive. Being more productive is not only good for your company but it will also be good for you. Being more productive is like grooming yourself to be more “indispensable.”

In this article, we are going to cover 5 top applications that can dramatically increase efficiency of your business and employee productivity.

Business technology


IFTT is a mobile app has a wide variety of capabilities, but it has only one purpose in mind, and that’s to save you time. IFTT stands for “IF This, Then That.” With IFTT you can setup a trigger, then IFTT can automate the next step or at least help you with the next step.


Launchy is a desktop application that allows you to launch programs with a just a few keystrokes. And, that’s just the surface. Launchy also allows you to easily open folders and documents, do a web search, perform calculations and a number of advanced tasks. All of this can be done with using specific keystrokes from your desktop. It’s obviously a time-saving app, and it might not sound like it can save a big deal of time. But keep in mind that even if you save just a second launching a program or doing a task, it will quickly add up in the long run.


If you are working in an office, then a good portion of your day involves writing text, whether it’s for email, reports, and anything in between. PhaseExpress is a tool that allows you to save time when you are typing text as it’s a text expansion desktop application. This means that with a few starting letters, the program gives you a list of words that might complete the words you are currently writing. It’s like an autocomplete function.

The great thing about PhaseExpress is can help you speed things when you write canned email replies, address and even bits of code. You can program it so with a few specific combination of keystroke and a specific word appears or even an entire paragraph.

Email by EasilyDo

Most people have more than one email accounts. If this sounds like you, then you know how tedious to log-in to another email account. That means you have to log-out the current email account, type in the login details for the other email account and only then you start doing what you are intending to do within current email account. But wait! You forgot one detail that can only be found from the previous email account. Well, you will have to do the steps above all over again.


Email by EasilyDo can greatly smoothen things out for you as it can consolidate all your email accounts into one platform. It also features many sorting and categorizing options to smoothen things out even further.


To make our accounts secure, passwords are a standard safety precaution. On the downside, if you forget one important password, then you’ll waste tons of time just trying to figure that one out. LastPass is like a vault that stores all your password in one place. It also autocompletes the password input for you so you can save even more time. This might sound just like an autocomplete feature of today’s browser, but LastPass is built with the focus of keeping your password more secure than any built-in auto-complete feature.

So that’s it for now. Of course, there may be other productivity apps out there, but the ones we listed above are a good start for increasing your productivity. Most of these apps can also be used in business purposes to help business achieve greater results.

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Technology Trends that are Changing Business

Digitalization and introduction of new technologies have become an indispensable trend in the development of any field – financial, automotive, healthcare, retail. To remain competitive in the modern market, business leaders are already introducing innovations that will become engines of the industry development in the near future.

What digital innovations are waiting for us in the future? Digital platforms, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and design thinking. It is expected that these trends will significantly change our world in the next few years.

Computer technology

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will not only bring new opportunities for business growth and cost savings, but also change our perception of work and everyday tasks.

While the first automation systems based on local networks and servers were replaced by mobile devices and cloud technologies, the current ones are likely to be replaced or significantly supplemented by artificial intelligence. This trend under the name “cognitive computing” has already developed quite well over the past few years. In particular, in the recognition of speech, persons, objects and even emotions, artificial intelligence has already caught up with human capabilities. In the driving skills artificial intelligence came to the level of super-human and it copes with this task better than most of us.

While Tesla allows drivers to turn on an autopilot on a condition of watching the road, a few months ago, Uber has launched about a hundred autonomous vehicles on the streets of Pittsburgh. However, this program is running in test mode, therefore, an employee of the company is constantly in the car to monitor the algorithm and security.

Such technological giants as Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon continue working actively to improve solutions with artificial intelligence, so within a year you can watch exciting new products in this field.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Many companies have already started experimenting with virtual space. In 2016, the world-famous network IKEA launched a pilot virtual reality program IKEA VR Experience. Using the headset, a user enters a virtual kitchen, where he/she can change the size and color of furniture, move around the room and change the camera angles. Such technology has an opportunity to change the approach to the process of buying goods altogether.

Augmented reality devices for the mass consumer are still at the development stage and exist in the form of laboratory specimens. However, the level of investment in this technology is impressive. For example, over the past 2 years, the California-based company Magic Leap has received $ 1.4 billion from several investors, including Google and the Chinese giant of electronic commerce Alibaba, to develop its revolutionary and fairly secret product.

It provides a huge potential for transformation of industries, in particular medicine, retail trade, education, engineering and others. Technologies of virtual and augmented reality can be used during training and education. It allows you to connect video, audio, graphics and special effects with a wide variety of content to create a maximum feel of presence and interaction with objects, which leads to a fundamentally new user experience.

Digital platforms

Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Booking are examples of the popular digital platforms that have already dramatically changed a business model of hundreds of thousands of companies around the world. Platforms have gained popularity by applying an effective scheme of interaction between the supplier and the client, thereby questioning the very format of the work of traditional travel agencies or taxi services.

Recently, we have seen more cases when food companies switch to a new business model -“platform”- adding their partners, customers and consumers to the ecosystem of business.

The idea of ​​a business platform itself is not new. Traditional platforms can be found on the example of shopping centers, markets. However, the fact that the platforms do not attach to a physical place provides huge opportunities for suppliers and customers to interact and creates a network effect, which can lead to potential growth of users.

For example, Nike has introduced the Nike + platform, which has allowed millions of consumers of this brand to be integrated into a social network, to significantly increase the number of fans of active sports (in particular running) and, as a result, to get new loyal customers. Today the company continues developing a competitive advantage by attracting both well-known device manufacturers such as Apple and Garmin and smaller technology companies (start-ups) that build a new business based on access to consumers and their data.

technology for business

Design thinking

Design is not only the appearance of products or platforms, but it is also how they work. It is more commonly that brands are becoming recognizable because of the convenience of using their products by customers. This means that the user’s experience can distinguish the company among others, especially in the field of goods or services of mass consumption: banking services, retail trade and other sectors, which are now being transformed under the influence of the appearance of new digital solutions.

Design of interaction with the user (experience design) will continue to develop rapidly, bringing digital systems closer to people. Traditional interfaces will be replaced by voice or even neural interfaces “brain-computer”. What will remain unchanged? The fact that in the heart and mind of consumers no additional feature of a program or appliction will ever become more valuable than the convenience and practicality of the program as a whole.


Blockchain Technology

This technology has already engaged the attention of companies in financial services, but according to many experts, it will become the driving force for transformations for of government, healthcare and other regulated industries as well.

With the proliferation of online banking and the ability of making financial transactions via the Internet, payment terminals, banks and so on, it would seem that they began to earn significantly more. However, electronic transactions still require a large number of office clerks to verify payments.

With the advent of blockchain, the situation will fundamentally change in the next few years. Bloomberg news agency notes that the cost of settling transactions in the financial industry today reaches $80 billion a year. If you take into account every transaction that requires the identification of a person, this figure will be much larger. The digital algorithm allows to significantly optimize the number of people involved in the verification of payments, not to mention the reduction in the timing of transactions from days to minutes or a maximum of hours.

Security-wise, blockchain technology uses decentralization and continuous data protection. One of the advantages of blockchain technology is the absence of intermediaries – may be the next step in development for the economy of joint consumption. For example, now the model of operation of such services as Uber or Airbnb assumes the existence of a central authority that confirms transactions. The technology blockchain allows a supplier and a client to do this much more efficiently without intermediaries.


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How Technology Has Helped and Hurt Business Over the Years

Technology is the use of the scientific discoveries in the day to day operations. Business means being engaged in an activity, most a times for making profits. Business technology is the dependence of the information shared through the technological platforms to boost business productivity. We shall explore the advantages, disadvantages and later conclude on the position of technology in business today.

Technology In Busiess

Pros of Technology in Business


Who could have thought that a person so many kilometers away could work for them? Thanks to the enhanced communication technology, it’s now a norm. The fast flow of information and services has empowered the businesses around the globe. For instance, a doctor in Indiana can attend to a patient Africa through a video call!


Businesses have grown immensely due to increased efficiency. Businesses have changed from paper records to paperless systems. This is a technological system where records are computerized and kept in a database.

Eased Reference

Technology has ensured that getting all the documents easily in a simplified way is possible. This makes comparing the business performance from the past and the present easy. The future decisions are easily made based on the well-documented content.

Simplified Research

Businesses have plenty of information about related business through business technology. This makes the decision-making process easy and based on facts that are readily available.

Large market

Online marketing is one of the latest products of business technology. Businesses have access to the vast market. Platforms such as Facebook have a way of sponsoring businesses to access potential buyers that ensure increased sales.

New technology in business

Cons of Technology in Business


Hackers, ill minded technology experts hold business information for ransom. This has hurt business production. As much as there are constant updates in the creation of firewalls and antivirus software, the cyber crime is a scary challenge to the business. Lost information may cost losses to the business.

Divided Attention

Employees have access to online games and social media chat platforms. This distracts the attention that would be rather given to the business. Technology in this manner hurts business production.


Acquisition of the equipment and expertise requires intensive capital. Also, due to constant development and growth of the technology, some equipment gets obsolete. This means replacement and constant update of the software. Therefore, hurting the business capital.


Work done for instance on a farm by a tractor, cuts on the labor force required by more than fifty! Apparently, the more we apply business technology, the fewer employees are needed leading to loss of human touch in business.


Use of emails and phone messages means high chances of miscommunication, unlike face to face communication. This hampers productivity in business. The work flow in a business may not be consistent since all the employees are not under one roof, hurting the quality of the final product.

In conclusion, these are hugely dynamic times where business technology is inevitable. Most importantly is to take all the precautions to ensure maximum production in business.

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